Celebrating Women in Tech: A Tribute to Innovation

Founders Club - Fab Lab Iași 1
Founders Club - Fab Lab Iași 1

Event Description

Welcome to a special edition of Founders Club Iași, where we are committed to showcasing the best practices and the success stories of local startups that are scaling globally. This event is possible with the support of EIT Digital, Startup Reaktor, and Techcelerator, powered by ROTSA and People of Tech with the support of other local actors in the ecosystem and hosted at Fab Lab 3.

WHEN: 6th March, 6 pm

WHERE: Fab Lab 3, Str. Morilor 56
In the month dedicated to women, we bring on Iasi’s stage: Ana Balan, PhD Founder @ Additech FIT & Research Business Developer @ RomSoft, Sorina Miron Communication & Customer Success Manager at ThinkOut and Cristian Graunte Founder Heroic.Team & People of Tech.

Now, a brief introduction of our speakers:
💹 Ana Balan, Research Business Developer @ RomSoft. Ana is also an accomplished entrepreneur, serving as the visionary founder of Additech FIT, an innovative technology startup specializing in fitting solutions. Her leadership is characterized by a dedicated focus on delivering excellence in programming, testing, and comprehensive support for a diverse range of software products.
⏳ Sorina Miron is a Communication and Customer success manager with experience and passion for content strategy, creative writing and customer experience. She also has vast experience in social media management and has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Public relations. Sorina is passionate about finding success stories from entrepreneurs located in the Iasi area and sharing their stories through ThinkOut, a cash flow analysis and forecasting platform built for entrepreneurs and their small and medium-sized businesses.
⚖️ And last, but not least our moderator Cristian Graunte, Founder of Heroic.Team & People of Tech, with over 15 years of experience in creating digital solutions. He specializes in Entertainment & Talent Recruitment Systems and Service Industries in the United States.
Passionate about working with teams, he founded a new venture Heroic.Team where teams are equiped with global recognised toolkits to achive better communication, values alignment, collaboration and commitment for their goals.

To find out more about how challenging it is Tech Women’s life, consider joining our meetup on March 6th @ FAB LAB 3.

📅Please see below the event schedule:
18:00 – 18:30 Welcoming & Networking
18:30 – 20:00 Fireside chat with Ana, Sorina and Cristian.
20:00 – 21:30 Networking

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✅ In this series of events, we facilitate connections for founders with business peers, advisors, investors, technology partners, innovators in local companies, and public stakeholders.
We are designing each event having in mind the already existing best practices in the local community, the frameworks of validation & scaling used to build lean startups & MVPs that accelerate international expansion. We are always considering the Paul Graham startup definition: “A startup is a temporary organization in search of a highly scalable and repeatable business model”. There is not enough to be big in your home market.
And now:
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Meet our fabulous makers, entrepreneurs and world changers!

We are thrilled to announce our first local edition of Moldova Demo Day on April 10th in Iași, at Fab Lab3, organized by the Romanian Tech Startups Association along with our local partner People of Tech Iași.
Valentin Măzăreanu
Ce este ITIL®? ITIL® este cel mai popular cadru de lucru pentru Managementul Serviciilor IT din lume, oferind o atenție reînnoită asupra practiilor orientate către valoare și optimizarea serviciilor IT. Cursul ITIL® 4 Foundation este un program comprehensiv conceput pentru a oferi participanților o înțelegere solidă a conceptelor și practicilor fundamentale din cadrul ITIL® 4. Acest curs servește ca punct de plecare ideal pentru cei care doresc să-și dezvolte competențele în managementul serviciilor IT conform celor mai recente standarde și practici din industrie.
🚀 Bucură-te de o seară plină de inovație și stil la Threads of Tomorrow: Stronger and Better Together! 🌟 Ai dorința de a face o diferența și de a contribui la un viitor mai sustenabil în industria modei? Ești antreprenor, ai propriul tău brand sau o idee inovatoare pentru industrie? Ei bine, ai nimerit exact unde trebuie! 📅 Când? Pe 5 aprilie, începând cu ora 18:00! 👠 Unde? Fablab3, Iași
Anamaria Lăzăruc
tim că în spatele rolului de medic se află câte o persoană cu o mulțime de aspirații, motivații și dorințe - toate adunate pentru a face bine celor din jur și de a le diminua suferința. Cu aceste persoane ne întâlnim pentru a creiona idei și proiecte care să sprijine calitatea serviciilor medicale din prezent și din viitor. Te invităm să te alături comunității de medici, dacă ești student în an terminal la Facultatea de Medicină / medic rezident / medic specialist. Pentru înscriere, accesează link-ul următor: https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSe9HyXSodg5Ed.../viewform
Alex Plamadă
Evenimentele NO.MAD Talks sunt acum și în Iași. 🧡 Și abia așteptăm să te avem alături! Începem în forță cu un topic care apasă pe punct sensibil de antreprenor și freelancer - Cum facem să fim mai eficienți în businessul nostru aflat în plină creștere? Automatizăm? Delegăm? Cum să ieșim din ciclul de a lucra nonstop, de a fi mult mai mult decât trup și suflet pentru businessul nostru și cum să evităm epuizarea? Da, da, prin EFICIENTIZARE. 👉🏻 Dacă te regăsești, atunci abia așteptăm să ne găsim la discuție cu folos.
Andrei Onofrei
The new form of online communication has brought great improvement possibilities, by overcoming the limitations of time and space. However, online presence have also modified the communication rules, e.g., those related to proxemics or the challenge in reading nonverbal cues. And those need a little adjusting to adapt to this new form of everyday communication. Body language is one of these ways. I invite you to discuss together how body language has changed in this virtual world, as well as some techniques to improve your listening and overall communication in the virtual world. Bring also your experiences, questions and challenges in virtual world!
Vă invităm la lansarea jurnalului ghidat VeloEpic - Călătoriile mele pe bicicletă, un ✅concept unic pe piața din România, creat de Ioana Amăriuței Popa, special pentru iubitorii de pedalat.
Dear community, March calls us together for the #3 inspiring event by People of Design & Tech, with two empowering guests: Andrei Botez, Group Head of Creative Services @Endava and Marian Petrescu, Head of Computing and Chassis Units @ Continental Automotive. What they have in common is a strong growth mindset that brings their environment to the next level.